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Knowledge Management


Process Improvement is important because it is a systematic way to make everything we do better.

Process improvement can make us feel better because we know that each of us can make a difference by making everything we do better.  It is a systematic approach to realign critical organizational processes to achieve breakthrough improvements.

Organization Management

3 Brilliant Components to Transform Your Organization


The process begins with an understanding of the organization and its environment. The Diagnosis process documents and helps answer these questions: Who are We? Where are we headed? What are our Challenges? What do we do well, and what else do we have to do to improve? This is used to set improvement priorities and drive the creative Design or redesign processes that improves the organization’s performance.


Design concepts are integrated in 3 competencies: Strategic Leadership, Execution Excellence, and Organizational Learning. Execution Excellence – Employees needs to be driven and focused on providing excellent service that the customers expect. Organizational Learning - cycles need to be driven from organizational and personal learning, managing by fact (Smart People who manage by intuition armed with facts), and innovation to create competitive advantage. Organizational learning entails that the organization should chart a Strategic path to develop both Competencies (Leadership & Execution)Focus on the linkages identified in the Blueprints when you are going through an Evaluation and Redesigning your Organization’s Systems.


Transformation is the implementation of the new Designs that leads to the organization’s transformation. From Light bulb ideas to Execution…The Journey consists of all 3 components: Diagnosis, Design, and Finally Transformation. Transforming an organization does not happen in 1 day, it takes years. It involves a cycle of learning. During the Transformation stage, leaders will have to face multiple challenges arising from the ongoing changes in the organizations, which may also include resistance from other parties within the organization. These challenges will test their abilities to lead a large-scale organizational change.

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Solutions Management

Data Privacy Plan of Action that Delivers

STEP 1: Development

STEP 2: Planning

STEP 3: Assessment

STEP 4: Implementation

STEP 5: Measurement and sustainability

STEP 6: Response


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Strategic Management

Ensuring Company Success Through Company Satisfaction

STEP 1: Assess Your Company

This can be done by looking at your KRA/KPI, conducting surveys, or by seeking the help of consultants or third-party businesses who are experts in the field. These third-party businesses will then audit your business’ practices and give valuable feedback on your company’s performance, which will help you evaluate all significant policies and procedures.

STEP 2: Adhering to Industry Quality Standards

Employing a Quality Assurance Program or QAP will hold up the company processes to the scrutiny of Industry Quality Standards. QAP is an investment of time, money, and people. ROI can be evidenced through the evaluation of business results such as increase in sales and higher customer satisfaction.

STEP 3: Establish your High Key Success Drivers

There are five key success drivers for businesses: Cash, Profit, Assets, Growth, and People. Achieving the highest key success driver level for your company is possible through building a new strategy for your company such as change in company culture or re-directing the company’s primary focus.

Process Management

7 Critical Business Elements


Reduce labor and non-labor expenses per sales


Increase market coverage to increase sales


Reduce lead times to minimize work-in-process inventory investement


Minimize product and component inventory investment by reducing manufacturing and purchasing setup costs to reduce lot sizes


Maximize capital asset utilization


Control the customer invoice collection period to minimize accounts receivable investment


Maximize employee asset utilization by using project teams for the seven project categories and train them to identify, evaluate, and implement projects.

Project & Change Management

The Restart Plan

As this next normal continues, the new normal will take different forms in every country, and every business sector.


  1. Create a relaunch map
  2. Providing customers with safety guarantees that restore trust
  3. Safeguarding the health of employees
  4. Reviving demand
  5. Rebooting operations and supply chain
  6. Shifting IT and technology to restart mode
  7. Steering the restart with care
  8. Sustaining value creation born from crisis and reinvesting in recovery

Data Privacy

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