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About UsUnleashing Growth Exponentially

At Moward, we help organizations build a holistic strategy to assess business opportunities, improve overall performance, realize relevant potentials and sustain continuous improvement for exponential growth.

Moward Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

A change catalyst that contributes to the exponential growth of one’s organization

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Moward Organization Values

Organization Values

Granting commensurate rewards at the right time for excellent performance exhibited wholistically

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Moward Board of Directors and Partners

Board of Directors and Partners

Taking personal accountability for making the group a dynamic, responsive, high performing team.

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We enable organization unleash their potentials in dynamic and holistic way

Strategic Management

  • Vision/Mission/Strategy Alignment
  • Performance Measurement
  • Data Analytics
  • Decision Support Tools

Process Management

  • Process reengineering
  • System analysis and design
  • Financial and cost mgt
  • Auditing and compliance

Project & Change Management

  • Project Integration
  • Technology Deployment and Technology architecture

Organization Management

  • Organization and Job Design
  • Employees’ Financial and Spiritual Wellness

Solutions Management:

  • Provided through our affiliate company MOWARD SOLUTIONS INC
    • Data Privacy and Compliance 
    • Finance and Performance Management
    • Quality Assurance and Process Quality Management

Meet the people

Maria Paz Balayan

Maria Paz Balayan


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Maria Paz Balayan

Judd B. Balayan


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Maria Paz Balayan

Fe Perpetua T. Tafalla


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Maria Paz Balayan

May A. Luisking


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Maria Paz Balayan

Ysrael C. Sukhani


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Maria Paz Balayan

Antonio D. Jimenez


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Maria Paz Balayan

Jean B. Ortega

Sr. Partner

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I prefer making a testimony through the interviews you conducted and how you came up with the actual workload of each one.

Lizette Paman

Catholic Filipino Academy

Directress for Academic Affairs

Our team build-up was both enjoyable and educational. I have attended many trainings yet I was still pleasantly surprised with the novel way they handled the whole event - from managing the (makulit) people to the sequence and kinds of activities they offered. It was indeed a revealing and transformational experience for our team.


Catholic Filipino Academy

I like how Ms. Paz structured the whole event in such a way that we were able to learn and still have fun. It clearly connects with what we are advocating for homeschooling which is to make learning fun.

Noemi Mora

Catholic Filipino Academy

Moward's team building activity of CFA was very organized and well-thought of. It helped me to understand my role in the team and how I can add to the growth of my company. Keep it up and may God bless you more.


Catholic Filipino Academy

Parent Coach

Our organization is now more poised for new growth because of your intervention. Thank you for making this all happen.

Eugenio "Bo" Sanchez Jr.

Bo Sanchez Inc.


Thank you Moward for this very beneficial engagement. You did an amazing and splendid job to our organization. Very professional and satisfactory indeed! Awesome! Great work!

Hermie Morelos

Shepherds Voice Publication


Very thorough and immediate grasp of the processes of the Company. Insightful recommendations! Galing niyo, Hats off! I'm amazed at your competency. God bless your company more!

Rissa Singson -Kawpeng

Shepherds Voice Publication

Managing Editor and Editor In-Chief

Thanks! Awesome work. God bless you more.

Bo Sanchez

Shepherds Voice Publication

Chairman of the Board

Thank you for the excellent work. You gave much more than I expected. God bless.

Carl Fontanilla

Shepherds Voice Publication

Board of Director

It has been a very enlightening engagement with Moward. When your company has been operating for decades, it pays to ask a third party to look at your operations and give you an objective perspective. Thank you! We learned a lot from you and through you. It was a joy working with Moward. God bless.

Tess Atienza

Shepherds Voice Publication

Assistant Vice President - Production

The experience was very timely for me as I recently got promoted to the job position as HR Manager. The workshops helped me understand the departments' ways of working and it also helped us identify areas of improvements that can now be worked on. Moward was a great help. Thank you!

Erika Ventura

Shepherds Voice Radio and Television Foundation Inc

HR Manager

Process flow documentation is accurate. They communicate well the results of the review for future implementation

Rowena Cequena

Shepherds Voice Publication Inc

Chief Finance Officer and VP for Corporate Services

Team was able to hit on the pain points of the organization but people enjoyed the activity.

Eugenio "Bo" Sanchez, Jr.

Catholic Filipino Academy

Chairman of the Board

Our company has been working closely and continuously with Moward. We are proud that they are part of G2G. Their guidance enabled us to look inside our organization and see what's not working in the past. This continuous review is now a major factor in our company's incremental improvement and growth. Thanks to them. The great future of G2G is ensured!

Christian Estrella

Guide to Greatness Incorporated (G2G)

Chairman of the Board

It was a great and excellent service.

Janette G. Sy

Pharmaceia Jimenez Corp

HR Specialist

What usually hinders company from growing is the lack of the basic things like feedback and support system. In this training, we realised that the strength of the chain is only as strong as its weakest link. By identifying our weak points, we have the opportunity to strengthen them to make the chain stronger if not the strongest.

Grace Jimenez

Pharmaceia Jimenez Corp

Board of Director

This is indeed a welcome development. Your efforts and insights spared the company of millions of pesos investments and for this Management expresses its appreciation.

Don Timothy Buhain

Rex Bookstore Group of Companies

Chief Operations Officer

While it can be very overwhelming to receive and comprehend these information, MOWARD's team was able to patiently teach in detail by adapting to the level of comprehension easily understood by the learners.


RD Pawnshop Inc.

MOWARD is up there with the top companies providing training for BIA, RIA and PIA.


RD Pawnshop Inc.

Full of learnings that I can use in my group to help us to grow productively and able to analyze the root cause of problems that we are encountering this time or we might encounter in the future.


RD Pawnshop Inc.

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